Running on every type of terrain, height and elevation

You can find all kind of running conditions in our direct environment. Road, tracks, hills, mountains, flat and very steep. For any runner our playground does offer a huge variety of training possibilities. Specially when you want to train on middle to high alpine underground we can offer you a perfect base to give you a good start in the trailrunning season.


Running Package

As a running coach, I will be able to guide you in the mountains and provide you with tips and tricks for races, efficient mountain running and improving your skills.


The training will be offered tailor-made, here is an example


Would you like to book your running holidays? The following dates are still available:


Book a trailrun package

With the form below, you can send us a request for a trailrun package. This is not a definitive booking. we will contact you first to offer you and your group a suitable offer. As an indication for the prices, we ask approximately 75 CHF per person per day including breakfast, lunch and simple dinner. Depending on length of stay and group size.

Just want to run?

Off course you are very welcome on other dates as well. Please check the availability of our rooms and book them direct for your desired length of stay