Summer activities at Spring Inn and Flumserberg

Flumserberg does offer many summer activities, we will be very happy to inform you about all possibilities and we can offer you a range off activities as well. Below you can find a selection of all the activities that can be done in our near surroundings


When you are interested in hiking, we can offer many hikes in the direct environment for any kind of difficulty level. (T1 – T4). There are very scenic easy walks along the Walensee and on Flumserberg. But you can also find really strenuous routes going up to Spitzmeilen or the Churfirsten.

A good recommendation is to board the ship at Walen lake and go to Au. From there it’s just a short walk (1.5km) to Quinten. This is a great spot to sit down and relax with a drink and look over the lake, while waiting for the boat to pick you up again

Ruin Gräpplang

This ruin on the “long rock”:  Groppa lunga has a history back to 1292 when it was owned by Ulrich von Flums. Since 1528 the castle did belong to the Tschudi family and was sold severla times after that untill it came in hands of the ccommunity of Flums in 1928 with the goal to preserve the ruins. You can visit the ruin on an easy walk from our house (2.5 km)

Tamina Gorge

The Tamina Gorge leads to the source of the healing waters of the Tamina thermal bath. In the old days the Spa used to be in Pfäfers and was mainly used to heal the diseased. It is a beautifull gorge where you can learn something about the history of this unique source.

The 36.5 degrees water was piped down to Bad Ragaz, where the thermal bath Tamina was build for royals. Nowadays the doors are opened for everyone and is worth a relaxing visit.


The Climber is located on Prodalp at 1600 meters and can be reached by foot from Tannenheim or by Cablecar. The Climber provides challenging tracks for kids to adults on 4 levels. Having many fun attributes on your way while trying to reach the next platform.


Tobogganing on Flumserberg brings a lot of fun. This very professional tobogganing track is very exciting and kids proof. You will be able to go down on high speeds while making curves, going over bumps, through tunnels and between the trees.