Cycling in our environment is a challenge for everyone.

You can choose to cycle along the Rhine for a fast time trial training or decide to go moderate to steep uphill. For example the Flumserberg (our home mountain) is a 10km ride with a 9.1% incline.
There are several great loops to be made with 1500 to 3000 height meters in 100 – 200 km.
It is even possible to reach the Stelviopass from our house, a challenging 140km with 4000hm. and 4 passes. (Wolfgang, Fluela, Offen, Umbrail). We can arrange a pick up when you get there. In a week you will be able to explore a beautifull area of Switzerland

Cycling Package

As an experienced cycler in the mountains, I can guide you in our environment and can give you a lot of recommendations about cycling routes and passes in the direct environment.

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