Cycling in our environment is a challenge for everyone.

You can choose to cycle along the Rhine for a fast time trial training or decide to go moderate to steep uphill. For example the Flumserberg (our home mountain) is a 10km ride with a 9.1% incline.
There are several great loops to be made with 1500 to 3000 height meters in 100 – 200 km.
It is even possible to reach the Stelviopass from our house, a challenging 140km with 4000hm. and 4 passes. (Wolfgang, Fluela, Offen, Umbrail). We can arrange a pick up when you get there. In a week you will be able to explore a beautifull area of Switzerland


Cycling Package

As an experienced cycler in the mountains, I can guide you in our environment and can give you a lot of recommendations about cycling routes and passes in the direct environment.

An example trainingsweek:


Would you like to book your running holidays? The following dates are still available:

Book a cycling package

With the form below, you can send us a request for a cycling package. This is not a definitive booking. we will contact you first to offer you and your group a suitable offer. As an indication for the prices, we ask approximately 75 CHF per person per day including breakfast, lunch and simple dinner. Depending on length of stay and group size.

Just want to cycle in the mountains?

Off course you are very welcome on other dates as well. Please check the availability of our rooms and book them direct for your desired length of stay